It is not hard to understand why many separated and divorced couples choose to live together.

With an average price of a divorce coming in at around $15,00.00 (U.S) a middle-income family would be hard pressed in these troubled times to find that amount of money.

It is not as if a couple are prepared for the cost of a divorce either. Who do you know that saves money just in case their marriage does not work out? Most people go into marriage with a lot of optimism and are probably convinced they will not end up just another divorce statistic.

Along with the cost of the divorce there will be other issues like.

Relocation fees.

When a couple split up they either sell their family home or one stays behind while the other has to find a new residence. Rent, amenities (phone, power gas), furniture and movers all add up to new expense which may not be affordable.

Child Support

Whoever moves out the home could be up for spousal and child support, which is based on a percentage of a person's income and how many children are involved. The amount will vary from state to state and countries other than the U.S. These added costs are bound to decrease a divorcing family's standard of living considerably as each partner endeavors to make a new life on their own.

The news that accountants of more affluent couples seeking a divorce are jokingly telling them not to do it strongly suggests how badly the rich were also affected by the CREDIT CRUNCH. Many of these couples with more than a few $$ in the bank have opted to live together to avoid their marital GOLD being divided up in a divorce which could put new limitations on the luxurious lifestyle they have been used too.


When a couple are divorced the original caregiver (wife or husband) may begin work and need to put their children into daycare. The average cost is anywhere from $150 – $250.00 once again depending what state or city you live in. If you want to hire a home care provider or nanny you are going to be paying a lot more. The courts may divide this cost between both parents as they are both receiving income and this is going to be especially hard for the custodial parent as they try to pay for all those extras such as school trips, emergency medical care and vacations.

It seems in these days of foreclosures, high divorce costs and tight lending criteria common sense and practicality is the way many people want to approach the way they end their marriage and deal with their impending divorce.

This is why we are seeing such a shift to people living together while they are separated and divorced. It would appear no husband or wife wants to lose equity in assets they have accumulated in their time together. This is very WISE as starting again in times of recession will be tough.

Politicians talk of recovery but there is no clear sign that life will get back to the way things were. Well not in any hurry that is for sure. My gut instinct tells me that more ex married couples will stay together until such a time they feel they can stand on their own two feet financially. It is rather remarkable that people trying to separate are willing to live with the emotions and grief associated with any relationship break up so they can leave when the time comes with as much as possible.

Divorce insurance

The advent of divorce insurance is in answer to the increasing number of failed marriages in today's throwaway world and I am positive we will see newly engaged couples signing these kind of insurance policies so they will be able to divorce without any hardship. It is true that it puts a negative slant on the beginning of a marriage but you cannot get past the fact that the sanctity and institution of marriage itself is slowly falling apart.

All the things we are taught in school can never prepare us for the day we may have to live with an ex husband and wife and stare across the breakfast table every morning at the person we once held so dear. It is a challenge that many are taking on and in many cases doing well.

If a couple who are separated but living together can work out their divorce settlement without a divorce attorney they will save themselves a lot of money.

Divorce Kits

One cost-effective way is with a do-it-yourself divorce kit. Once you fill out the legal forms you are required to file the documents with the court then make an appearance in front of a judge to give your reasons who signs the papers. These kits range in price from $25 to $70 and are available in many areas.

How much a divorce will cost is going to depend on how well a divorcing couple can communicate with each other. The beauty of living with your ex while working toward a divorce is they are always available for meetings and will possibly be very civil and reasonable about the settlement as they may not want to upset the living arrangement.